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We can come into your workplace and provide Gender Diverse and Transgender consulting services.

Here is a reference from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

Jenni provided invaluable support in the development of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s Supporting Gender Identify Affirmation Guidelines, providing existing materials and advice, and reviewing drafts of the guidelines and an accompanying Inclusive Language Guide.


When a staff member made known their plans to transition in the workplace, Jenni was on hand to deliver awareness training to senior managers in a small group context, and also gave a broad Trans 101 Masterclass that was open to all in the department.


The session enabled staff to develop awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding trans and gender diverse employees, helping to reduce misunderstanding and create an environment that is inclusive of all gender identities and expressions. The session covered:


  • historical and demographic information about gender diverse and transgender people

  • personal stories from the presenter

  • how workplaces can be more inclusive for gender diverse and transgender people

  • a no-holds-barred Q and A session where participants could ask whatever they wanted to about this subject.


The session had good attendance and was positively received – a major part of this was because Jenni was able to provide details based on her lived experience. Numerous staff unable to attend were interested in attending a future repeat of the session.

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