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Life Planning / Career Planning

Using our tailored strategic planning approach, we can help you sort out your life and career.

Here are references from people we have helped.

"Completing a strategic plan with Jenni helped give me a bird's eye view of my life, my possibilities and my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It certainly would be beneficial for a wide variety of people, in all types of life situations. No matter who you are, I believe you would gain something by going through this process with Jenni." - Andrew


"Jenni did a great job helping me think through my long and short term goals. She created the space and time for it, and a structure for thinking about how to move things in the direction of my goals." - Julia


"Doing the life strategic planning with Jenni really helped me to organise my thoughts about where I want to go and what my priorities are. Jenni was an expert at helping me to reflect on what I wanted and what things I needed to do in order to get there. She helps you make a map of where you want to go, but you're always in the drivers seat making the decisions and leading the conversation. I've found the session has made a massive difference in my ability to think about my future. Working with Jenni helped me to take a lot of the fear and judgement out of my conceptualising of the future. She's so encouraging and yet grounded that it's a truly safe space to but out what you want and where you are going." - Lucy


I really appreciate the time I spent with Jenni working on a strategic plan. It helped me to clarify my thoughts, bring my areas of strength to the foreground and it gave me a plan to move forward with things. Everything you work through with her comes from you but Jenni helps you to focus on the assets you have at your disposal and to isolate your areas for development. I would recommend doing a session with Jenni as it gives you a productive environment which enables you to sit down and really focus on issues." - Jessica


“Jenni helped me collect my thoughts and focus them into envisioning what my ideal future would look like. We talked about goals and the steps to get there . Thanks to Jenni's strategic planning session my life now looks much more like the life I wish to lead.” - Lumiel


also from a person who thanked me as they now had their dream job after we had done a session and they had acted..... "You really did help me focus on things Jenni. Before our meeting I was running around like a headless chook and getting nowhere.

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