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We can come into your workplace or provide a remote education session to deliver Gender Diverse and Transgender 101 Training



*NEW* we can now deliver Asexual (Ace) 101 Training. *NEW*

Here are references from a few of our customers.

"The content of the session was useful in prompting staff to think about gender and transgender issues, and the relaxed and informal nature of the session and your engagement helped ensure a positive environment. Overall, the session was effective in raising awareness and consciousness of transgender issues, and promoted valuable discussion and reflection amongst the team. It made a very useful contribution to our overall management of diversity issues within the team, and laid a solid foundation to enable us to provide an appropriately inclusive workplace." - Sam - Australian Public Service


"Tim and Jenni totes rocked everyone's socks off today. Many have preached the rainbow message and tried to get the diversity/inclusion/respect agenda across. Where they do a decent job with the L and G well, often the BTIQ* are left wanting. Not Tim and Jenni. In sharing their authentic, lived experiences, Tim and Jenni inspired and equipped people with real, practical skills to be respectful human beings in the workplace and beyond." - Lucia - Australian Public Service.


"The Trans* 101 Education Package was an engaging, insightful way of approaching issues pertaining to trans* identifying Australians. The workshop included exercises which challenged the audience to consider different perspectives. The panellists when speaking of their personal experiences were funny, insightful and moving. I found it incredibly courageous that some would speak in front of a crowd of 80 people and share such personal stories. As businesses, departments and other institutions challenge themselves to be more accepting and accommodating of their trans* members it is only fitting that University Colleges do the same. I would recommend the workshop to any institution seeking to facilitate a more open, caring community." - James - Burgmann College ANU


"Jenni and Reed gave a presentation on transgender issues and concepts of gender to my Year 12 students. It was insightful for the students to have the opportunity to engage with real stories to deepen their understanding of concepts of gender. On reflection one student wrote, "When you came in I was a little hesitant and uncomfortable. But as we continued to get into the conversation, I found it extremely interesting and rewarding experience."  Jenni and Reed's presentation challenged my students for the better. "

Becky - ACT Education


"I’m the secretary of the ANU Circle for Gender Equity at the ANU and I contacted Tranz Australia to organise an event. Tranz Australia were able to hold a panel discussion for ANU students and members of the ANU Circle for Gender Equity for IDAHOT. They were really well-organised and put together a fantastic event with minimal effort required on my part. The discussion was focused around questions I prepared for the event, so was targeted at exactly the topic I was hoping to cover.  The panel discussion was chaired by the Tranz Collective and featured three ANU students who offered personal insights into the transgender experience. The Tranz Collective was able to perfectly tailor the conversation to focus on ‘What is Gender?- Observations from a Transgender Perspective ‘. The personal stories were at times raw and eye-opening for the audience. Members of our society were very impressed by the event. They learnt a lot and were touched by the ability of the speakers to connect with the audience. Some told me it gave them a new perspective of thinking about gender and everyday interactions such as pronouns that they had never considered before. Tranz Australia provided a slideshow and were well prepared. The opportunity for questions was a great learning experience for all, with many interested to find out more. The collective is doing really great work for the community and I recommend taking up the opportunity to work with them to put together an event. The ANU Circle for Gender Equity Event was a great success thanks to the efforts, organisation and uniquely personal touch of the Tranz Collective. Thanks to the Collective, ANU students walked away with a more nuanced understanding of gendered interactions and will remember the insights gained at the event in times to come."- Nyree ANU

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